Package Name  Bandwidth Data Limit Price (Rs.) Rate (Rs.)
 Sun_Super 5 Mbps Unlimited 254 300
 Unique 30 Mbps 30 Mbps Unlimited 400 472
 Unique 70 Mbps 70 Mbps Unlimited 500 590
OTT_SUPER Mbps 80 Mbps Unlimited 630 744
OTT_ZOOM Mbps 100 Mbps Unlimited 699 825
OTT_ALPHA Mbps 125 Mbps Unlimited 825 974
OTT_STROME Mbps 160 Mbps Unlimited 999 1179


  • Installation & Package charges are payable in advance.
  • Installation charges are not refundable.
  • Internet service is provided over Fiber to the Home/ Building (FTTH/ FTTB) or Fiber to the Neighborhood (FTTN) network or LAN; Service availability is subject to technical feasibility.
  • Data Usage includes Download and Upload.
  • Usage in every session will be measured and recorded in Bytes.
  • The above Plans are on a Pre-Pay basis.
  • Global Broadband has defined Fair Usage Policy (FUP) across all Plans. Hence, this policy gives all customers the opportunity to experience the network in the same way.
  • The first recharge amount equivalent to the opted plan rental (incl. of tax) would be collected at the time of the Customer Relationship Form (CRF) signing
  • All Packages are valid for 30 days.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Tariff Plans/ Offers are subject to Guidelines/ Directions/ Orders issued by TRAI and/ or DoT.
  • The price shown above is exclusive of 18% GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  • Global Broadband reserves the right to modify/ withdraw the Tariff Plans without prior notice.
  • Duly filled-in and signed Tariff Selection sheet by the Customer is an integral part of the CRF (Customer Relationship Form)
  • Download/ Upload speed indicated is speeding up to our ISP node. Broadband speed available to the Customer is the maximum prescribed speed for which the Customer is entitled and Global Broadband does not give any assurance that the said speed shall be maintained at all times and the same may vary depending upon the network congestion, technical reason, or any other unavoidable circumstances.